Either hungover or trying to look cool

Had a dream where I was taking part in an art exhibition. My brother, my boss (Dave) and I had built this giant screen with a map on and you could zoom in and out and highlight cities and counties. Dave was telling visitors a story about 2 countries and highlighting them on the map to demonstrate.

We talked to a few people, including a woman who asked, “Are you doing something?”
My brother, who was tired and irritable, said to her, “He’s my brother, he can do what he wants.”
My friend Laura also came with her family to see the exhibition. She was wearing big sunglasses and when I asked why she said, “I’m either hungover or trying to look cool, I forget which.”

Later on she took them off and she looked quite tired. She told me she wasn’t free next weekend, which I’d asked her in real life and later turned out to be true.

I said we were all thinking of getting lunch and she recommended a nice restaurant, so we went there an the rest of my family joined us. When we got there, my Grandad insisted on paying. He made a joke about getting Laura’s money (can’t remember what that was about) but I explained me and Lee always pay. He said, “We’ll get her to pay later.”

We went into the restaurant and headed upstairs. It was a large open plan restaurant with wooden tables and furnishings. There was a wooden staircase on the left side leading up to an upstairs area. I thought I’d seen mother wandering off the wrong way into the downstairs part, but she hadn’t. We looked around but there were no tables free that were big enough. A couple on a four-seater moved to a two-seater and gestured for us to occupy the four-seater, so we did.

I don’t remember what happened after that. At some point I woke up.