I Am… Captain Clean

Strange thing happened at work today. I was in the toilet cubicle at work and a guy came in and had a wee, then went to leave. I heard the door open and without thinking I said – in a deep, rough voice – “You didn’t wash your hands.” and to my surprise I heard “Huh? Oh, yeah.” and then he washed his hands and left.

I felt really cool, like I’d scared him into washing his hands. I was like a superhero, making sure people do the right thing. For that minute, I was a hero. So I wrapped a load of toilet roll around my head and ran out and shouted “Keep your germs to yourself, villainous scum!”

Except I didn’t, because I’m not that cool. But it did give me an idea for a vigilante that goes around public toilets making sure people wash their hands. It couldn’t be me, cos I have to work, so I don’t really have time to go around policing people’s cleanliness.

Here’s a quick sketch of what it might look like: