I met my friend Laura for lunch earlier and when it came to pay, I quickly handed the money to the cashier so that Laura couldn’t pay. She commented it was like ninja reflexes, which gave me an idea for a character.

I present to you… Ninja-Gentleman

ninja gentleman 1

Wherever there is a woman about to sit down, he will move her chair. Wherever there is a man approaching a door, he will open it. Wherever there is a single mother struggling with her shopping, he will help carry it. And wherever there is a woman feeling a slight breeze, he will be there to put a jacket around her shoulders and provide a warm cup of hot chocolate.

He hides in the shadows of cities, waiting for people who look like they have lost faith in the modern gentleman, ready to use his ninja reflexes to quickly jump out and commit a chivalrous act. He does not wait around for thanks. His reward is the smile on the face of the person he’s helped and the little surprised “Oh” they give after he’s disappeared. Instead of weapons, he carries with him an umbrella, which he uses to shelter civilians from rain and fend off any ill-wishers.

Below is the original drawing I did on the train. It’s not very good and I spelt ‘ninja’ wrong.

ninja gentleman 2