Carrots for sale

Goodwin and I were in a bar heading to school
We bumped into Matthew and Liam
Matthew didn’t look to good
He mentioned he’d forgotten his make up and forgotten to do his hair
I joked “You May have forgotten your make up, but so has Goodwin. Next time you’re sad, think of him in big clown make up.”
We went back to school
We were part of some group
The head announced that 2 pupils had died
One was a kid called Obi who had put the group together
Then helicopters came and people with guns dropped down from them
The head said to run
I ducked under a tent and ran
I got away but felt bad
Then I realised it was a dream and i was no longer going to the school
Later I got a taxi home and went by the school
I decided to go in
Mother and another woman was there holding people hostage
I called a load of dogs in and they attacked the women and kept mother where she was

Nan tried on a pair of novelty glasses that was like a big plank of wood with holes where the lenses were
I joked “They look like a sign. Like it should say ‘carrots for sale’ on them.”
Lee found this hilarious

We went for a family meal
Lee got me a big box of Bertie botts beans that also had pieces of chicken in