Accounts of adventures in the real world and inside my own mind



Accounts of adventures in the real world and inside my own mind

Ben and Suzanne’s weekly Lego Challenge: Week 1


While most people have seen self-isolation during this coronavirus situation as a bad thing, Suzanne and I saw it as an exciting thing, as it’s given us both much more free time to indulge in one of our favourite hobbies: Lego! We’re both avid fans of Lego, with Suzanne proudly displaying her Lego buildings while…

Thoughts on… the Thirteenth Doctor being female


I’ve been having debates with many people about the prospect of the next Doctor in Doctor Who being female. Rather than keep repeating myself, I’m going to write my argument here. Yes, it’s plausible It has been established in the show that Time Lords can regenerate into different genders. It was hinted at in the classic era…

Thoughts on… tidy rooms


It’s my birthday tomorrow (woo!) so I’ve got a few friends coming over to my house and we’re going out for a meal. Since two of them have never been to my house before, I’ve made an effort and tidied my room. I don’t really tend to keep my room very tidy. It’s not so…

Photos from Jersey Battle of Flowers 2016


I recently went to the Jersey Battle of Flowers 2016 with my Grandad. It was a amazing and colourful show, with impressive floats and entertaining dancers. As you’d expect, I took a lot of photos, but there’s going to be loads of photos online of the parade, so instead I’m going to share some of…

Tales from college


I have so many anecdotes and stories from college that I often talk about with Mike or Gush, so I’ve decided to make a note of them in this article. Three A stars On the very first day of college, I was quite nervous because I didn’t know anyone and it was a big change.…

Tales from secondary school


I often reminisce with Mike and Goodwin about stories from our secondary school days and I realised that I have so many anecdotes that I’ve never written down anywhere, so I’m going to use this article to keep a note of them. Lower your expectations I always enjoy making people laugh, but back in school…

Tales from primary school


Mike and I often share anecdotes and stories from our primary school days before we knew each other and I realised that I have so many stories and memories that I’ve never written down anywhere, so I’m going to use this article to keep a note of them. No running! No shouting! No fun! My…

Like I’m living a teenage dream


I saw someone had posted one of those online quizzes on Facebook earlier, you know the type that has about a dozen messages and when you put your details in it automatically generates one of them and you think it’s unique to you and post about it on Facebook. Well, the one I saw was what you’d…

Thoughts on… Grumbleweeds


Today I heard a song on the radio called When We Were Young by Adele. It caught my attention because I recognised the lyrics in the chorus. Why did I recognise them? Because I’d written them, that’s why! Have a listen to this bit of the song: Now, way back in 2014, I started writing…

Looking Back on 2015


2015 has been a great year for me, one of the best, so since it’s near to an end, I’ve been thinking about all the things that have happened during the year – things that I’ve done, people I’ve met, places I’ve been – and I’m going to summarise it, mainly so I can look…

Thoughts on… compliments


I have recently come to realise that I’m not very good with compliments – giving or receiving them. I guess it’s probably because of my Aspergers, but I’m very sceptical about compliments. Before I continue, this article isn’t intended for anyone in particular. It’s more for me to ‘hash it out’ so I can learn…

The Best Envelope Ever!


Had to go to the hospital this morning. I’m not dying or anything, just had to pick up my new insoles. The appointment was at 9:40 but For some stupid reason I followed mother’s advice and got the taxi at 8:50 so I ended up there half an hour early. I queued up at reception…