Sometimes interesting things happen and I make a note of them



Sometimes interesting things happen and I make a note of them

At The Dentist


^^^ They’re my teeth ^^^ So today I had to go to the dentist to have some fillings. I chose cheese and beans. Okay, that’s it now, no more bad jokes. Contrary to popular tradition, I like going to the dentist, as there’s often chance for some good laughs, and today was no exception. I got…

Half a Jingle


On the way to work this morning, I was picked up by one of my favourite taxi drivers. He’s a nice bloke and we have a chat and a laugh. This morning he came up with half a jingle. We were talking about barbecues and then it went silent for a bit, and then he…

Straight From the Breast


Starbucks. A nice place to go for something hot over the counter. I went to Starbucks today with my friend (Goodwin) and we were served by someone quite weird. And coming from me, that’s pretty dangerous. Here’s how it went: We walked in and went up to the counter, where a girl called Jesse was…

cubicle chaos

Cubicle Chaos


The following is a true account of something that is true and actually happened. Unlike all those other times when I said it was a true story, this is actually a true story. I was in the toilet and I went inside a cubicle because I needed to sit down and people look at you…