Accounts of adventures in the real world and inside my own mind



Accounts of adventures in the real world and inside my own mind

cubicle chaos

Cubicle Chaos


The following is a true account of something that is true and actually happened. Unlike all those other times when I said it was a true story, this is actually a true story. I was in the toilet and I went inside a cubicle because I needed to sit down and people look at you…

Thoughts on… Strip Monopoly


Whilst playing Monopoly last night, I thought “I wonder if there’s such a thing as strip Monopoly. And if there is, how would it work?” I imagine instead of losing money, you’d lose clothes, but that would mean that instead of gaining money you gained other people’s clothes, so in the end it’d be a…

Thoughts on… birthdays


Presents. That’s all anyone really cares about on their birthday isn’t it. I’m not really bothered about presents, but it’s still interesting to think about them. Cos when you get older these presents change to accommodate your new found style and maturity. Except I don’t have any maturity. I still love toys! Last year I…

Thoughts on… dog training


The first big problem with getting a dog is that owners give their dogs odd names. Sometimes they are human names like George or Gladys, or sometimes they are just random names like Nugget or Mouse (these are all names of dogs I know). But what they don’t think about when naming their dog is…

Thoughts on… shampoo


Question. Have you ever read the back of a shampoo bottle? Well I have. I like to think that if somebody asked me if I read in the bath I could proudly say yes. Although, if anybody ever did ask me “Have you ever read in the bath?” my reply would undoubtedly be “No, who’s…

Thoughts on… Cluedo


And now i’d like to take a brief moment, if I may, to talk to you about Cluedo. If you don’t know – and you really should – Cluedo is a board game popular among families at Christmas 20 years ago. But for now i’m going to assume you know what Cluedo is (if you…