Ditch this

I was at karate in last night’s dream. It was my birthday, and our instructor, Roger, gave me a special card that was sent from his instructor. It had 6 squares on the front, with a white square, a grey square and 4 Japanese symbols. Roger and another instructor, Len, explained to me that one of the symbols represented 11,000 – eleven was an important number for some reason – and pointed to a symbol that looked not unlike a pint of beer and said “I think you know what that one means.”

After I’d thank them for the card (they’d signed it on the back) it was time to get on with the class. We usually have two classes, the first hour for everybody and the second for just the high grades, but for some reason everyone was doing the second class tonight. Roger walked around and opened the blinds on the windows – they were high up, so he had to use a stick. He called for everyone to line up. I noticed a few people still outside, so I ran and got a tissue from my bag to blow my nose, then got back in line before the rest.

Later on in the dream, I was at home making arrangements with Mother for my birthday. I was planning to meet Mike and Laura in town and decided I’d do a test run going to town.

When I got there, it was pouring with rain. I ran for cover down some stairs and under a roofed area. I saw a toy shop and headed there, but when I got there it was actually a women’s clothing shop with a range called ‘toy shop’. I decided to go to Cex a few doors down and on the way I saw some puppets on sale. I was tempted to buy one, but I decided I shouldn’t spend my money on something I didn’t need like that. Even in my dreams I’m financially sensible!

I got to Cex and had a look round. I noticed that it was mainly clothes and toys and there weren’t any DVDs or games, which the shop usually sells. I saw a woman and her daughter come down some stairs and realised there was another level to the shop. I headed for the stairs, but when I got there I noticed they were really small, with a hole barley big enough to get through in the ceiling. I tried to climb them, but couldn’t fit through the hole. This puzzled me, as the woman who’s just come down was bigger than me. I turned to look for the woman and heard her say “Ditch this.” Which for some reason I thought meant she was a suicide bomber.

Through the hole, I saw a man complaining there were no cases for the DVDs. His friend was buying a DVD, but it was a holographic 3D word ‘DVD’ with three holographic people sitting on it. Another guy with them joked “Ooh, you can’t buy that, there’s no case!”

There was another bit of the dream where I moved my bed around my bedroom to see if it looked better anywhere else, but it didn’t.

In the final bit, there was a scene where a superhero landed on the front of the villain’s car, but the villain flipped a switch and the bonnet flew up and chucked the hero off.

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