I was up the ring (a little local park) with mother. There were several dogs, so we played with them for a while and then mother went to get a cup of tea.

When mother came back I checked my phone and the time was 08:14, meaning the taxi for work was picking me up in 1 minute. I said I had to leave and mother started asking if I wanted her to ‘tool up’ the heel in my shoe that was falling apart a bit. I said, “if you want”

I ran home and could see the taxi, it was a black car. It suddenly started pouring with rain and I was suddenly wearing a coat with the hood up. The taxi driver was ringing my phone as I was crossing the road. I looked at the phone and went to answer, but I saw a car coming towards me, so I focussed on that instead.

When I got to my house, the taxi had gone. I called him up and said I just needed to grab a few things and I’d be out if he could come pick me up.

There was also another bit where I was buying a little potted plant for mother from a stall near an M&S. Goodwin was also there talking to an old lady who ran the stall. She was telling us which flowers she sells most and how often she restocks. She also told us how much cheaper they were than the M&S flowers.

Later in the dream, I was at work. We were in a new office. All my current colleagues were there, but Smudger looked different. There was also a new woman there who sat next to me. She kept leaning over me to pass things to Smudger, but her arm would be pressed up against my face or she’d be half sitting on my leg and she didn’t say anything. I don’t know if it was a weird kind of flirting, but she was nice, so I let her carry on.

There was also a woman there with bright red hair who is apparently worked with a year ago when she came in for experience.