I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail

Since I have such crazy dreams and a good knack for remembering them, I decided to start documenting them and tagging them to see the most common things I dream about.

Although I try to document every dream I remember, there are lots of dreams in my youth that I never made note of – including the earliest dream I remember in which I attended a seminar held by the Pokémon Squirtle. He came on stage and said "Hello, I'm Squirtle" and sprayed everyone with water.

I also occasionally have a recurring dream that is just me eating croutons for what feels like an hour and I also had a dream that made me terrified of Timothy Spall.

There are a few things that are consistently used in my dreams, such as my ability to glide. I've had loads of dreams in which I could easily glide across the floor on my heels or even float slightly. So prevalent was this when I was a young dreamer that I was convinced I'd done it in real life at some point.

It does sometimes become very difficult to distinguish dreams from real life. I didn't get my HND certificate because I thought I already had, but I realised a few days later that I'd actually dreamed it.

So, here are all the dreams that I've remembered...

The Rhine Pass


Don’t remember much of this dream. A teacher took me and 3 other students to a place called The Rhine Pass. It was a part of the country where a lake split into 4 rivers, which travelled down for a few miles and then met again at the sea. We didn’t actually go there in…

Tell Me More


I was at a songwriting workshop in a big hall. It was full of ‘cool’ people, musicians who knew they were pretty good. They weren’t hipsters, but you know the type, quite confident and funky hair cuts. Anyway, for the last half hour, the tutor said it was ‘free time’ in which we could play…

Chris Evans gives bad advice


Mike and I went back to school and we managed to lie our way into an art class. We did a bit of painting until everyone left. Then Mike wanted a birthday present from the class but didn’t want anyone to give him something he didn’t want, so he had a look around and eventually…

David Mishmash


In this dream, I was watching QI. Bob Mortimer was hosting and asked the following question related to David Mitchell: “True or false, the phrase ‘mish mash’ came about as a misspelling of ‘mitchell’ He never gave the answer, he just carried on and gave a bunch of random facts. Later, Vid Reeves came out…

Ozzy’s house


At the start of last night’s dream, I came downstairs into the living room and Mike was sat on the sofa. I asked him if it was shorts weather – I was wearing shorts at the time – and he said “No, but keep them on, cos you look good.” I went upstairs and changed…

The everlasting candle


Smudger, Laura and Matt from work had come to work at my house. It didn’t look anything like my house though, as my brother had redecorated and redesigned all the rooms. The kitchen was a really nice, modern kitchen with a black tiled floor and oak furniture. It was much bigger and had things that…

Escape to the food hall


Can’t remember much of last night’s dream. I was at the NEC or some exhibition centre with Mike and some other people. We got off the bus and were walking quickly to avoid a kid catching up to us. I think I’d had a fight with him or something. We went in and found the…

Aquaman and the aliens


The dream started off with me watching a Justice League film. There had been one released recently that mixed live action with comic book style cutaways, but someone had produced an edited version without the comic book bits. In the film, the Justice League were investigating a big, square building down by the docks. Green…

Donuts are coming


Mike and I agreed to take part in a football thing to raise money for charity. To celebrate, we ordered some Krispy Kreme donuts. While we waited, I put some bread in the toaster and some pizza in the oven. I fell asleep and the toast burnt. Mike woke me up saying “something’s cooking” by…

It’s a shavin’ thing


It started out that Mike was at my house and we were having a bit of a party. Mike went home, but I was seeing him the next day, which was a Sunday. I ordered a taxi and it arrived quicker than I’d expected. I hadn’t packed, so I asked mother to cancel the taxi…

The couple at the log cabin


I had a dream last night in which I was on holiday with my boss, Dave. It was a retreat kind of place with a log cabin next to a beach. I seem to remember we couldn’t get a train to where we were going, so we’d decided to stop there for the night. There…

The great glass toilet


The taxi came for work and I got ready to go out to work. I wanted to go barefoot, but mother made me go and get some socks on. Instead of going to work, the taxi took me to a restaurant that Gordon Ramsay was working at. I needed the toilet and asked someone where…

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