I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail

Since I have such crazy dreams and can often remember them, I decided to start documenting them and tagging them to see the most common things I dream about.

There are lots of dreams in my youth that I never made note of – including the earliest dream I remember in which I attended a seminar held by the Pokémon Squirtle. He came on stage and said "Hello, I'm Squirtle" and sprayed everyone with water.

I also occasionally have a recurring dream that is just me eating croutons for what feels like an hour and I also had a dream that made me terrified of Timothy Spall.

There are a few things that are consistently featured in my dreams, such as my ability to glide across the floor - either on my heels or floating slightly. So prevalent was this when I was young that I was convinced I'd done it in real life at some point.

It does sometimes become very difficult to distinguish dreams from real life. I didn't get my HND certificate because I thought I already had, but I realised a few days later that I'd actually dreamed it.

So, here are all the dreams that I've remembered...

The Doctors of Heal Street


A superhero in the middle of the road suddenly lost her powers and collapsed, causing a chain reaction of cars crashing into each other. Lots of people were injured, but this road was becoming known for accidents. Inside one of the cars, a girl and her friends had taken multiple injuries in the collision. She…

The dodgy looking man


Can’t remember much of last night’s dream other than one bit where I was walking down the road and being followed by a bald guy in glasses. He reminded me of one of our clients at work, but this guy seemed a bit dodgy. Not like he was going to kill me or mug me,…

The London Eye


Had a dream last night in which I was visiting London with college. We were walking along the banks of the Thames and my friend Gush and I stopped to look at the London Eye. It wasn’t in its usual position parallel to the river, it was turned 90 degrees. I noticed it slightly lean…

The cafe girl


Mom and I went to a cafe. There was a really nice girl behind the counter who looked like Zendaya when she played MJ in Sider-man, and was similarly cool and quiet. We somehow got talking and hit it off. I’d seen they had live music there, so asked if there was any opportunities for…

The therapist and his pig


Me, mom and Lee went to see therapist who lived in a caravan on a field. I’d been told the place took hours to get to but we found it easily. There were lots of other caravans around, like it was a retreat. There was a large black pig guarding the main caravan. We went…

Picking up cakes


I was at work with a few people I’d gone to college. Mom was also there and she said she was going out to pick some food up for the team. I said I’d help her and a girl called Holly (who I went to college with in real life) joined us. We went to…

The piano lesson


I was in Sofia, Bulgaria, with Mike and I realised I had my first piano lesson since lockdown. Mike decided we should get a taxi, only I didn’t know the way by taxi. I couldn’t remember the name of the road and after ages of driving around and looking it up on my phone, I…

Victoria Wood’s IT support centre


We were working in a new office building. One of our clients was based downstairs, so my boss told me to go down to room 2. I went down and there was a big waiting room with lots of chairs and then some desks with the staff. There were also offices behind a glass wall.…

The Chinese Shoplifter


I was in a shop with mom and I went off to get some toiletries, but they’d moved everything around so I couldn’t find what I wanted. Mom spotted an old Chinese man with a Dalmatian who we’d seen shoplifting before, so I kept an eye on him. Two young guys dressed in black t-shirts…

Faucet and the jelly beans


Something was happening in Birmingham city centre. People were evacuating by being beamed up to a spaceship, but the large number of people who’d turned up to leave had caused the city to collapse. A reporter told some people a list of reasons why this was happening. I made a note of them so I…

Wolverine lives


Remembering last night’s dream feels odd, because once again my mind is struggling with whether it was a dream or real. Anyway, the dream took place in the X-Men animated series universe. Wolverine died – not sure how, it was just his time – and he started floating upwards towards the sky. But then Rogue…

Lenka’s Supermarket Sweep


In college We went out to get lunch and it started raining I got pizza with extra garlic sauce, and garlic bread The others got pizza too Back in class I’d bought a few little statues in One was a talking Groot, which the two guys behind really liked and played with on their desk…

Mike’s job interview


Mike went to enquire about getting a job at a mental hospital he’d once been in I went with him He started with small talk with the guy on reception and then said he wanted a job The guy laughed and said he’d need to have a meeting with the bosses We went for the…

Milhouse’s bubble drinks


I went to a product show at the NEC Milhouse from the Simpsons had a stall selling drinks You chose the bubbles flavour and then could have stuff added One addition was a chocolate pizza, so I said that He then tried to make one from scratch but couldn’t so I said to leave it…



The dream started with me and mom going to find her sister. We found the right road, but couldn’t find the right house number. We went and had some lunch and then went back out. We asked someone in a shop and they told us where it was. We went inside and mom’s sister was…

The birthday meal


We went out for my birthday meal to a Japanese buffet style restaurant. There was only one person there I’d invited, and Laura from work, the rest were people mom had invited. I went off to get some food. They had a big fridge full of soft drinks and big shelf full of crisps, including…



I went to see Avengers Endgame at the cinema with my brother. Only 2 people in the world had seen the full film with effects before it was released. It had been produced with a little ‘window’ box in one scene that would be filled in when the projector played the film. The only bit…

Sutton girls and semtex


I was in Sutton and heading home from the park. I stopped off in a shop to buy some water, chocolate and giant Jammy dodgers. It was a large, open plan shop, dimly lit shop with only one girl working there. She was a polite girl, quite well spoken, with long brown hair. I put…

Chocolate croissants


I didn’t have any snacks to take with me to karate, so I went to the local shop and bought a couple of large chocolate croissants, which were cheaper than the smaller ones.

The house next door


Had a dream last night that our neighbour had moved out and mother and I had to move into her house so that somebody could move into our house. The house didn’t look like it does in real life though. The bottom floor consisted of an open plan kitchen and living room, with a spiral…

Margot Robbie’s holiday camp


I was at a holiday camp site and Margot Robbie was one of the people running it. At one point she tried to help me download the instructions for something. Later, we went out and on the way back she was walking with a guy. I was jealous, so I decided to walk back barefoot.