I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail

Half a writer


I had a dream last night that was all about the newspaper industry and how media is all linked to people’s lives. It started off with a young boy writing the news. Then it showed people reading the news and how it affected their lives and, in particular, their spending habits. Finally, it showed how…

Talking Monkey


Had a dream last night, but the only notes I made in the morning were: ​ Talking monkey Ob-la-di ob-la-da Make of that what you will.

The Photography of Michael Goodwin Esquire


Had a dream last night that started with me and Mike going to college. His brother, Jim, was driving us, but he was getting quite angry at the other drivers on the road. Several times he tried to cut them up and was swearing out the window while Mike and his dad yelled at him…

Hulk Decoration


Had a dream last night in which Goodwin was suing his local GP for something. While he was there complaining, the pharmacy was turned into a seafood restaurant. Diners soon came and one man proposed to his wife. However, the second she said yes the lights went out. Goodwin’s phone was the only source of…

Black Country Toilet Museum


In this dream, I was at the Black Country Museum with my nan, grandad and Goodwin. There were random bag searches being conducted by the security and one guy decided to check my bag while I was on an escalator. I was worried in case I’d left my pen knife in there, but thankfully the…

Kate Middleton Rides Again


Had a dream last night where I was at the opening of a new underground train in Birmingham. The guests of honour were Kate Middleton and Prince Charles. Why she wasn’t there with Prince William I’ve no idea. But anyway, they were there. She gave a little speech and then had to declare the train…

Ariel and Avie


Had a dream where I was working in a design agency (not Creative Astro) on some freelance projects. I was sitting with no shoes on, working from the floor with my work spread out before me​. I was creating a blank book by sticking bits of paper over an existing book. There were also some…

Lego Photoshoot


Had a dream last night where I was a at a photography expo. As I was walking around, I spotted Mak posing for cameras in just his pants. I then interviewed Rik Mayall but I don’t remember what I asked him. I was then doing a photoshoot for people and I needed some Lego for…

A Bushy Scarf


In this dream, I was at a shopping with Mike and an old school friend called Dennis. Mike was wearing a long scarf and I was wearing a short one. Mike complained that he wanted a bushy scarf. Dennis was not wearing a scarf at all. At one point, Dennis grabbed the glove and fork…

Comic Con Notes


Had a dream that I don’t remember much of and the notes don’t really help either: ​ P Out with family Meeting Kirsty 40 minutes late In collage Have to create a series of posters for a company Letter C I get an animal curled up round a octopus and green lights At comic con…

David Tennant the Lodger


I had a dream last night that David Tennant was staying at our house for a few days. He was sleeping in mother’s bed while mother was on the sofa. In the morning, we went in and gave him a load of cards and presents. Later, he started getting changed in mother’s room but ended…

The David Tennant Dream


Had a dream last night where the actor David Tennant was staying at our house. He was staying in Mother’s bedroom while Mother was in the spare room. In the morning, Mother and I brought him breakfast in beed and gave him a card and a present as a thank you for staying at our…

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