I often have interesting dreams that I remember in great detail, so I decided to write them down and tag them so I can identify the common elements of my dreams.



I often have interesting dreams that I remember in great detail, so I decided to write them down and tag them so I can identify the common elements of my dreams.

Slight inconvenience is the best revenge


There was a big party going on in the centre of the town. I was in a back yard playing ball with an older Max. He wasn’t very happy, as I’d told him not to do something and he said I sounded like his dad. We then heard a bit noise from down the road.…

The Mind of a Creative Thinker


I was looking after a house for some friends. It was a big house with lots of rooms and looked quite up market. I think some other people were there with me, but they’d all gone to bed. I didn’t have a bed so I settled on the stairs before moving to the sofa. Later…

Skating in slippers


Had a dream in which I was in Sutton with Laura from work. I was heading to an appointment but said I didn’t have a clue how to get there. I looked it up on my phone and it was actually in Lichfield. I called a taxi and then called the place I was going…

The poisoned hospital


Had a dream that mother and I were visiting someone in a hotel. We arrived on the right floor and I saw a bunch of old people (mostly in wheelchairs) sat around in a circle. We waited for mother’s friend and I saw a little box that contained a piano. I couldn’t help myself and…

My hand goes through


Whilst on holiday with a few friends, I got a message on Reddit from the singer Rihanna saying my website has posted false news about her. I looked and it was spam. It was drawing names from people I’d spoken to on Reddit and making up news about them. I said I’d look at it…

Darth Vader’s performance issues


Me Mike and Goodwin were in town and there was a war going on. An alien race had invaded. We’d found one of their main weapons and had to get it to a safe hiding place in space. The main villain saw us on the way. He put his mask on and it turned out to…

The Doctor Who premiere


I was invited to the Doctor Who Series 12 premiere in London, but I missed it because I thought it was at 8:30pm and it was on at 8:30am. I only found out when I heard it on the radio at 8am.

The billennial bridge


Had a dream in which I was at a college by a beach. They’d recently renovated the communal area with a few small touches. For example, there was a gravel area which they’d added little roads into and a Scalextric into. I’d made friends with a kid in a wheelchair and another kid. We went…

You like Gaga?


I was at karate and we were having a course with another club visiting. They were MMA I think. We were to train in a big sports hall, but everyone was going into our usual dojo. I realised they were using it as a changing room. A guy came up and introduced himself as the son…

Ticket the dog


In last night’s dream, we had two dogs. The new dog, Ticket, was also a black greyhound, but slightly bigger than Zeta. They both went out the back for a wee and I noticed a cat on the roof opposite. When I turned back to look for my dogs, I couldn’t see them. Then I…

The Joker songs


I was at work and every day the Joker would come in and make me write and perform a new song for him.

Davros on eastenders


I had a dream last night and the only note I made was “Davros on Eastenders” Must’ve been a really fun dream!



Last night’s dream was a bit gory. It started with a guy who was a superhero, but he was a really dark, gritty vigilante type. He captured a man and was interrogating him over something. The man wouldn’t speak, so the superhero whipped him and tortured him. He still didn’t speak, so eventually the superhero…

The Snapchat Spy


In last night’s dream, Goodwin and I were walking home from town. As we were walking down a long stretch of road that curved round slightly, we saw a man holding a gun and muttering to himself. We tried to turn around without getting his attention. He spotted Goodwin straight away and spotted me as…

The really big house


Can’t remember much from last night’s dream, except that I’d moved in with my brother into a really big house. It was a nice place, with lots of rooms and a big garden. I had a taxi coming and I was on my own, so I was locking up. And that’s pretty much all I…

Melvington Melworthy


In last night’s dream, I was staying at a retreat that was run by one of our clients at work in real life called Merlee. Mike and I we’re helping a young couple redecorate one of the buildings, turning into into a Western saloon bar. Mother dropped by to see how we were getting on,…



I don’t remember much from last night’s dream except for one really weird joke. I was at a meal with grandad, nan, mother and Goodwin. At one point, Grandad turned to Goodwin and said, “Do you want to go to Warsolm for some war?” In the dream, this was hilarious. Warsolm – I somehow knew that was…

Rainbow hair girl


The first part of last night’s dream was my nephew, Max, singing the Doctor Who theme, but he was singing the words “doctor who” to the tune of the theme. It’s hard to explain, but it was fun to watch. In the next part, I was in a small room in school and I was…