I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



Since I have such crazy dreams and can often remember them, I decided to start documenting them and tagging them to see the most common things I dream about.

There are lots of dreams in my youth that I never made note of – including the earliest dream I remember in which I attended a seminar held by the Pokémon Squirtle. He came on stage and said "Hello, I'm Squirtle" and sprayed everyone with water.

I also occasionally have a recurring dream that is just me eating croutons for what feels like an hour and I also had a dream that made me terrified of Timothy Spall.

There are a few things that are consistently featured in my dreams, such as my ability to glide across the floor - either on my heels or floating slightly. So prevalent was this when I was young that I was convinced I'd done it in real life at some point.

It does sometimes become very difficult to distinguish dreams from real life. I didn't get my HND certificate because I thought I already had, but I realised a few days later that I'd actually dreamed it.

So, here are all the dreams that I've remembered...

Chevy Chase


Had another dream (getting them a lot recently) where Mike and I went to France. Not a lot happened. We watched Harry Potter, got lost in the airport and there was a funny bit that was like a film trailer: there was a big mountain and at the top there was a rock sticking out…

Madame Tussauds


This dream started with me in mother’s bedroom (without mother) and I really needed a wee. Thing was, there were 2 girls in the room too (pretty girls y’know, phwoar) and no toilet. So I put up a little screen and made a makeshift toilet out of a green plastic stool and a couple of…

St. Barnabas


Had a good dream. I was back in school, but it was a completely different school with all the same kids. And at one point the headmaster came into the canteen to have a go at everyone for poor standards. And he picked on a kid called Milhouse (despite the fact it was Sean Hawthorn)…



Lee and I went to a market and I wanted to buy some Simpsons DVDs that were about £3 and Lee was moaning he could download them, but let slip it would cost £4. So we had this big argument, then we left it and walked off. Then I told Lee I didn’t mind that…

I Am The Doctor


Had this weird dream last night, where I was like The Doctor. And I was sent back in time to this time in Earth and as I got there a photographer lost his job and I got his job straight away. And I made a few friends, including Simon (Phung, my real friend) and a…

Cadbury Karate Girl


Had a nice dream where I went to Cadbury World with ‘a friend’ (didn’t recognise him) and his ‘female friend’. The girl had blonde hair, soft skin that had been made up and looked like the sort of girl that’s always moody. And we went by boat there and train back which was fun. Then…



Had a weird dream. Me and Mike were in a cafe and start getting intimidated by this man who asks if he can sit with us. Then the last line (in the dream anyway) was a punchline that everybody laughed at. But it only really worked in the dream. I’ve remembered it the best I…