I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



Lee and I went to a market and I wanted to buy some Simpsons DVDs that were about £3 and Lee was moaning he could download them, but let slip it would cost £4. So we had this big argument, then we left it and walked off. Then I told Lee I didn’t mind that…

I Am The Doctor


Had this weird dream last night, where I was like The Doctor. And I was sent back in time to this time in Earth and as I got there a photographer lost his job and I got his job straight away. And I made a few friends, including Simon (Phung, my real friend) and a…

Cadbury Karate Girl


Had a nice dream where I went to Cadbury World with ‘a friend’ (didn’t recognise him) and his ‘female friend’. The girl had blonde hair, soft skin that had been made up and looked like the sort of girl that’s always moody. And we went by boat there and train back which was fun. Then…



Had a weird dream. Me and Mike were in a cafe and start getting intimidated by this man who asks if he can sit with us. Then the last line (in the dream anyway) was a punchline that everybody laughed at. But it only really worked in the dream. I’ve remembered it the best I…

Dreams they compliment my life


I love dreams. In the dream world, anything is possible and it feels very real. I have always had a vivid imagination and my dreams have subsequently been weird and wonderful, filled with interesting characters and nonsensical plots. For years I’ve tried to document as many of my dreams as I can remember. Fortunately, I…

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