I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail

Since I have such crazy dreams and a good knack for remembering them, I decided to start documenting them and tagging them to see the most common things I dream about.

Although I try to document every dream I remember, there are lots of dreams in my youth that I never made note of – including the earliest dream I remember in which I attended a seminar held by the Pokémon Squirtle. He came on stage and said "Hello, I'm Squirtle" and sprayed everyone with water.

I also occasionally have a recurring dream that is just me eating croutons for what feels like an hour and I also had a dream that made me terrified of Timothy Spall.

There are a few things that are consistently used in my dreams, such as my ability to glide. I've had loads of dreams in which I could easily glide across the floor on my heels or even float slightly. So prevalent was this when I was a young dreamer that I was convinced I'd done it in real life at some point.

It does sometimes become very difficult to distinguish dreams from real life. I didn't get my HND certificate because I thought I already had, but I realised a few days later that I'd actually dreamed it.

So, here are all the dreams that I've remembered...

Walsall council tenancy


I was in my room with comedian Lou Sanders. She was offering to teach me about different types of orgasms, but the light was off and I was too busy trying to find a pair of pants. Then the doorbell went and I left her in my room to go and open it. As I…

News and scaffolding


Gush and I were in a canteen and the woman serving asked me what kind of potatoes I wanted. I asked for roast potatoes but she said they didn’t have any, so I asked for chips instead. “What kind?” she said. And I exclaimed, “Why are there so many varieties of potato?!” There were three…

The karate bully


Had a dream last night in which I was at karate. There were two kids, a little younger than me, who were bullying all the little kids. One of them was a big, beefy guy, the other was a thinner, shorter guy with black hair. I was fed up of seeing them picking on the…

Black Coco Pops


I was a superhero in a team and we were infiltrating an office in the city. The villain had set up a trap so that when someone lit their cigarette, it would explode. However, we didn’t know who the victim was. We asked everyone who smoked and narrowed it down to one girl. I went…

Avengers at karate


I was at karate and the usual people were there, but Paul Rudd and Anthony Mackie (who play Ant-Man and Falcon in the Marvel films) were there too. I don’t think they were in character, but later Brandon Routh, in character as Ray Palmer from the DC shows, turned up wearing his Atom suit. We…

Slapping in the train station


I was at a train station on the concourse and trying to get through security. There were lots of different scanners (the doorframe type things with the metal detectors on) going off in different directions and I wasn’t sure which one to go through. I picked one at random, but then realised that it was…

Linda Perry


I was working on an animation project in a team where two people had just quit. They’d left because a woman called Linda Perry had been unbearable to work with. It was my job to tell the press they’d left without saying they’d quit. Later in the dream, Shirley from coronation street was returning to…

A persistent Nan


I was at home and was having a meal with mother, Mike and two girls. I think we had fish and chips. One of the girls, who was quite a big girl, had finished her chips and said she wanted some more, so I let her have some of mine. After dinner, mother was washing…

A drunken Ramsay


On my way home from somewhere, I bumped into 3 people I knew from school. One of them spotted me and said hello. My hair was very messy and I decided to purposely be a bit weird, so I said hello and introduced my ‘imaginary friend’ next to me. I gave my friend a little…

The people in white coats


Lee and I went to a show that I’d quickly booked up as a surprise. I think it was a rock band. While we were there, I overheard Lee talking to his mate next to him about how his recent holiday was ruined by finding out one of his other friends was depressed and had…

Red buildings


In the dream I woke up ready for work, but my clock said it was 11:00. I ran downstairs and the clock said 8:00. My alarm had been set for 11:40 instead of 7:40 and it was set 4 ours ahead anyway. I asked mother to check her phone to see what time her phone…

Charlie Pasquale


I was in a theatre with mother and a few friends. We were going to see Dave Gorman, but we were running a bit late. We had seats in the middle, but because we were late it was dark, so we just sat in the seats at the side. Dave was already on stage and…

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