I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail



I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail

Room 712


I went to a new school that I’d enrolled in. It was about a 50 minute drive from my house. I was suppose to go a few days ago but I didn’t get the letter telling me where to go. When the taxi arrived in the city, there was loads of traffic, so I said…

Zarni and Dr Padoma


I was at home and getting ready to go back to school for the final year. I’d had no letter or anything to prepare me, just the date we were going back. When I got to school, the bell rang and I didn’t know what form class I was in. I tried to find my…

The interrupted anecdote


I was on a train in London with mother, nan and grandad. The train we were on wasn’t going to London Euston, so we had to get off and get the tube. Rather than try and get tickets from the self service machine, I went to the counter. He woman printed out the tickets and…

Fencing with rulers


Mother and I were in hospital looking after a man. I don’t know who he was, but from what I recall he was in a secret organisation that we were part of. The man started to flatline, but mother managed to do the necessary to get him back. But then a few minutes later he flatlined…

The mouldy old chicken sandwich


I was on holiday with Mike and I can’t remember what happened, but I said I’d go home and meet him later. I was gliding down College Road – an ability I often seem to have in dreams – when I saw an indoor market. I went in to have a look. It was packed…

Slight inconvenience is the best revenge


There was a big party going on in the centre of the town. I was in a back yard playing ball with an older Max. He wasn’t very happy, as I’d told him not to do something and he said I sounded like his dad. We then heard a bit noise from down the road.…

The Mind of a Creative Thinker


I was looking after a house for some friends. It was a big house with lots of rooms and looked quite up market. I think some other people were there with me, but they’d all gone to bed. I didn’t have a bed so I settled on the stairs before moving to the sofa. Later…

Skating in slippers


Had a dream in which I was in Sutton with Laura from work. I was heading to an appointment but said I didn’t have a clue how to get there. I looked it up on my phone and it was actually in Lichfield. I called a taxi and then called the place I was going…

The poisoned hospital


Had a dream that mother and I were visiting someone in a hotel. We arrived on the right floor and I saw a bunch of old people (mostly in wheelchairs) sat around in a circle. We waited for mother’s friend and I saw a little box that contained a piano. I couldn’t help myself and…

My hand goes through


Whilst on holiday with a few friends, I got a message on Reddit from the singer Rihanna saying my website has posted false news about her. I looked and it was spam. It was drawing names from people I’d spoken to on Reddit and making up news about them. I said I’d look at it…

Darth Vader’s performance issues


Me Mike and Goodwin were in town and there was a war going on. An alien race had invaded. We’d found one of their main weapons and had to get it to a safe hiding place in space. The main villain saw us on the way. He put his mask on and it turned out to…

The Doctor Who premiere


I was invited to the Doctor Who Series 12 premiere in London, but I missed it because I thought it was at 8:30pm and it was on at 8:30am. I only found out when I heard it on the radio at 8am.

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