Faucet and the jelly beans

Something was happening in Birmingham city centre. People were evacuating by being beamed up to a spaceship, but the large number of people who’d turned up to leave had caused the city to collapse.

A reporter told some people a list of reasons why this was happening. I made a note of them so I could do my own report later.

A few superheroes had been called to help, including Faucet (from my superhero series, Sanitary Squad). The heroes had been granted powers to help save the city, but one of the powers was to create a tidal wave, with the caveat being that it not be made from water, but other elements.

Faucet whizzed around the city, using his water powers to create a slippery path. He passed some people who’d chained themselves to a church and gave them positive reinforcement. He also saved 3 girls who had gone up to a castle-like building and climbed over the safety bar at the edge of the roof. Two little girls could climb out, but one was too small, so he had to lean over and get her.

There was also a bit where a friend and I had gone to a sweet factory and the evil owner had let us take a tour. At the end, he let us take home a tube of jelly beans. These later became part of Faucet’s powers, being able to shoot them from his hands.