While walking through a field in Kent,
I happened upon a fortune teller’s tent.
So there I stopped and changed my path,
I went inside just for a laugh.

There she sat, in all her jewels,
Ready to rip off tourist fools.
She told me “Sit!” and so I did,
And handed over fourteen quid.
She put some cards in front of me,
And began to tell me what she could see.

She looked at me and drew her breath,
“My boy, this card says certain death.”
Although I doubted what she’d said,
I didn’t want to end up dead.
“My friend,” she said, “It’s sad but true
There’s certainly nothing you can do.”
I said “Okay then, tell me when.”
She said “The day after you turn ten.”
I said “Hang on!
I’m twenty one!
So how can I
Still be alive?”

She looked at me and smiled once more
Jumped up and ran towards the door.
I thought to myself “That was weird.”
When suddenly a man appeared.
He thought this was my fortune telling tent,
So I proceeded to scam the gent.