I am Newt

Can’t remember much about last night’s dream, except that I was in my living room with Mike and Scarlet, an old friend from school.

We were playing a computer game and Mike said we would make a playlist of songs for Scarlet. I think it was a playlist. He said we’d make something anyway.

I saw her send a message to someone on her phone saying “I’m sitting here with Newt”. I pretended not to have seen it, but I quite liked the idea she’d given me a nickname. I somehow knew she meant Newt as in Newt Scammander from the Harry Potter films, not an actual newt. I think she’d called it me earlier in the dream as well. Anyway, she then showed me a map on her phone and said to scroll down. I did and saw the message she’d sent. I smiled and said I liked it.

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