Like I’m living a teenage dream

I saw someone had posted one of those online quizzes on Facebook earlier, you know the type that has about a dozen messages and when you put your details in it automatically generates one of them and you think it’s unique to you and post about it on Facebook. Well, the one I saw was what you’d post on Facebook in 10 years time. So I tried it just out of curiosity and it wasn’t that great.


The result I got was me posting I’d just one the Nobel peace prize. Now, there’s a few things wrong with that. Firstly, that’s never, ever going to happen! Secondly, the day I get 428 likes, 398 comments and 963 comments on a Facebook post, I’ll eat my fez. However, there was one surprisingly accurate thing about it and that was Gush’s fictitious comment. That is EXACTLY what he would write! It’s like they know him. So anyway, that was fun. I tried the quiz a few times and got rubbish results, so I thought I’d check out what else was on the website.

The first one on the list was what celebrity would you marry. The first result was Katy Perry! I tried it a few times and got the people you’d expect from these things: Taylor Swift, Rhianna, Eva Longoria, etcetera, etcetera. But the thing is, Mike and I have a bit of a running joke about Katy Perry, so I thought it was quite strange that she should be the first one to come up. Then I realised, that they’re probably basing this on one of my features. There’s something about my profile photo that matches me up with a particular celebrity. I’ve always thought I’ve got nice eyes and she seems like the sort of person who appreciates good eyes, so that could be why she was chosen.


Anyway, I moved onto another quiz, which was another celebrity themed one about which celebrity would comment on your photo. I got Natalie Portman inviting me to join her for the weekend (or w-end as she put, which I’d probably criticise her for in real life). I initially thought the celebrity was Goodwin, because he had commented some weird euphemism. But then at the bottom, look who else commented… only Katy Perry! What’s more, her comment was “Wow. Great eyes!”


I told you she liked my eyes! Not only that, but quiz 4 proved that she’d also tweet about me! The woman is obsessed! I wish I could say I photoshopped these, but this is genuinely what came up the first time I tried each one.