I was working on an animation project in a team where two people had just quit. They’d left because a woman called Linda Perry had been unbearable to work with. It was my job to tell the press they’d left without saying they’d quit.

Later in the dream, Shirley from coronation street was returning to her restaurant. Linda Perry was there and recognised her. Linda said she wanted revenge because of all the mean things Shirley and her husband had done – mainly Shirley calling her a pig.

Linda put her phone down on the counter and, when she pressed a button, some food appeared on the screen. “Eat the food,” she said.

Shirley went up to the phone and saw that she could somehow pull the food out of the phone and eat it.

Linda then did some more tricks with a glass box. When she put it on the counter, it revealed things inside, like napkins and a glass of milk. It was weird, like the objects were there already but you couldn’t see them until she put the glass box over it.

Later on, I was at karate and the instructor called me out to do a kata with him. I was happy to, but he then said the name of a kata I’d never done (and I don’t think exists in real life) but I managed to follow best I could.

Meanwhile, mother was with a few others doing something else. There was also a group of yellow belts that included a guy called Tony (who had been there in real life years ago and I also knew from my job in the custard factory). Tony was explaining to another instructor that he didn’t think he knew his kata well enough to go for a grading.

After karate, one of the guys, Paul, drove me out to a field where we had to follow a path that someone had cut out in some large grass. There were some joggers nearby and I tried to get a photo of one in particular who was wearing an outfit covered in LED lights.

When we finished, Paul said we’d go for food with my brother Lee and his girlfriend Sam. Paul had recently been on a health kick but decided to forget it for today. He suggested 3 places (a Beefeater, a pub or the Boar’s Head world buffet). I chose the Boar’s Head because it’s my favourite of the three. So we went there.