At the start of last night’s dream, I came downstairs into the living room and Mike was sat on the sofa. I asked him if it was shorts weather – I was wearing shorts at the time – and he said “No, but keep them on, cos you look good.”

I went upstairs and changed into trousers anyway. We went out and had a walk through the town. I don’t think it was Birmingham, because I didn’t recognise anywhere. We went through an arcade and passed a few music shops that looked quite bluesy. I wanted to go in to try playing an electric guitar, but they were all pretty busy so I didn’t.

Later, I was on a coach in Bulgaria with the guys from karate. We stopped off at a shop where we had to scan our passports and get a receipt as part of the checking in procedure. I paid the 50p for the approval at the bar and asked if they had any J20, but they didn’t, so I had a 1 litre bottle of ice tea and drank it straight from the bottle. I saw everyone getting back on the coach, so I said goodbye to the shop keeper. He wasn’t that interested.

In the next part of the dream, I was on a tour of Ozzy Osbourne’s house. It was a big place with 5 floors. We stopped off at floor 4, which was his assistant’s apartment. It was all in black and dark grey, but it was more classy than dark, with red lined curtains on the wall. There was a big sofa and TV in the living room and not much else. There was also a kitchen and a bedroom through some doors. On the top floor, there was some competition going on. I can’t remember what it was exactly, but there was a mix of music and martial arts. I had a look around and noticed that my karate instructor, Roger, was the judge in the competition. I made a mental note to drop it into conversation next time I spoke to him.

Finally, I was going back to school. I wasn’t sure if we had to wear a full uniform or not, so I wore the trousers and a red PE top. When I got there, most people were in uniform but some had the same idea as me, so I didn’t mind too much. I met up with Mike again and the dream ended, so it came full circle.