Sally Talksalot

I was doing an improv routine with a girl in front of a hall full of people. We were pretending we loved body augmentation and were wanting bigger breasts. It wasn’t that good and they weren’t laughing, so we wanted to stop. But the audience said they liked the characters. So we ran to the back and decided to change the format to a talk show.

I was the host, Sally Talksalot, and invited my guest on who “was a regular person, not a celebrity like me” onto the stage. She ran up before I could say her name, so I screamed “I haven’t said your name yet!” and that got a big laugh.

There was also a bit earlier in the dream where I was taking photos of my colleagues at work for our website. A girl called Fran went first and took her coat off. I took photos from front, back and side. Sophie went next, but she took all her top layers off. I took a couple of photos then laughed and told her she didn’t need to take her clothes off. She’d done it to try and look sexy (for our work’s website?!) but looked embarrassed when I pointed it out and got dressed again.