Scarface serum

I was on holiday with Mike, but that didn’t really feature in the dream much.

The main part of the dream took part in a big house out in the fields. 4 of us gathered – me, mother and two guys – to do some sort of magic ritual. We each had a copy of Doctor Who Magazine and something flat to lay it on. Just as we were about to get started, we heard someone outside, so we turned the lights off. Someone came into the room to check it, but they didn’t turn the light on, so we all sat perfectly still for about a minute and then they left.

In another part of the dream, I went to find my boss in his house in Boston (Lincolnshire). I arrived at what looked like a big estate in a square, with all similar houses and a big park in the middle. I found the road my boss lives on and found his house number it turned out his house was actually a tiny caravan.

The next part of the dream was a cartoon. Two guys – one small guy in a black suit played by me; one big, fat and a bit dopey in a blue striped shirt – arrived at a hotel room where a scientist was staying. The small one asked the scientist if he had anymore ‘Scarface serum’. The big guy was actually the ventriloquist from Batman and was dying from not having the dummy on his arm for so long. The scientist said he had one tube left and injected me with it. The big guy stuck his hand up my shirt and I suddenly became Scarface, jumping on the bed and bouncing around the room, talking in a high pitched New York accent.

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