I was at work in the office
I was sat on a table in the corridor with Matt
The room was much bigger
At one point he kept nudging my chair and tapping me
I got really angry and shouted “Matt, don’t do that.”
Tracy (a client) was in the office having a meeting with Dave
She later came into my room and asked if I’d got the potatoes designed ready for them to use for potato printing
I said I hadn’t and would do them tomorrow

I bought a ticket for a coach tour or a city
There were four companies all called Shearing ‘something’
Mine was Shearing Waverley
I went to the wrong one
The woman took me to the right place
She asked if I wanted to buy a ticket for her place instead
I said no because that’d mean spending more money
She took me to my seat where two kids were making
She left her pack of cigarettes on my chair
I asked mike if we should keep them and return them
Mike suggested we buy her another pack as a gift
I said no