Nan and grandad announced they were getting a divorce and moving into care homes. The family was chatting about it and it was quite sad really.

Later, I was in a car park with a bunch of kids. We moved a bunch of trollies so we could do graffiti on the pavement and someone started drawing Homer Simpson in bed.

A police officer came round and mother called me inside (the graffiti was now in my back garden). Mother and I distracted the policeman from what was going on out the back. He seemed like a nice guy and was happy to have had a chat. I waved him goodbye as he drove off and he smiled.

I back went outside to check how they were getting on with the graffiti. They’d changed homer for Bart, but they’d still drawn Marge hugging him and had a bigger Bart was dreaming of the scene. I told them homer would’ve worked better, but never mind. They’d also painted marge’s hair yellow instead of blue, so I said to fix it.

I had an idea for the words to go with it, but before I could tell them my plan, Zeta came out into the garden and hurt her foot. She ran back inside and I rushed inside after her. Mother found a stone stuck in her paw, which we removed. She was okay after that.

I went back outside and told them my plan “If we write ‘school sucks’, the school will see it and get rid of it straight away. But what if we write a pro-school message?”
So we wrote ‘school rules’

Later I was in a hall and Barack Obama was giving a speech. He was on a stage and I was sat on a row by the stage facing the audience. At one point he was interrupted and then he asked who was speaking. I told him we were waiting for him to speak. He laughed and carried on.