I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs



I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs

I Must Be Psychic


A song celebrating the good, honest work that psychic mediums do and the vital role that the dead play in giving us cryptic clues about who they are.



I don’t often write songs that are autobiographical or deal with feelings and emotions, but I started writing this a couple of years ago when I was going through depression. I was very down and didn’t know what I was doing with my life or where my life was going. I came up with the…

I Want to Grate Cheese (parody)


A parody of I Want to Break Free by Queen. I don’t actually like cheese all that much, but it seemed like a fun parody to do. And once I’d got the idea of a little Freddie Mercury and Brian May made out of cheese in my head, I couldn’t resist making a video to…



I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash a lot recently and found myself strumming along on the guitar and wanting to write a song in a similar style. I was noodling on the guitar and came up with the riff. I started strumming and didn’t have a clue what I was going to write about, but…

My Wife’s A Looney


This song was inspired by a song called ‘She’ by dodie. The song includes lines about what the singer’s love interest smells like and reminds them of. And it got me thinking: what if they reminded you of something ridiculous… like a cartoon character. So here’s a fun little love song with some questionable impressions.…

Vote Gary!


In January 2014, Mike and I saw a leaflet about a local Conservative campaigner, Gary Sambrook. We half-jokingly decided to support him and I wrote a little song which we sent to Gary. Within days, we were in the Daily Mail, on BBC Radio WM and even featured in BBC1’s Sunday Morning Politics. The song…

Meant To Be


A song about falling for someone with whom you have absolutely nothing in common with, so you find really contrived things to pretend you have in common with them. Not that I’d ever do that of course!

Absolutely Average


There were a lot of love songs on the playlist at work today, and it got me thinking: there’s all these songs with people singing how amazing and beautiful their loved ones are, but what about the people who think their partners are just… meh? So I wrote this little song on the way home.

Spoken Word Instrumentals


I collaborated with my good friend Mike to create an album of ‘spoken word instrumentals’. I composed the music, he wrote the words.

Pick No More


I was watching Legends Of Tomorrow and there was an episode where they have to save Elvis Presley. There was a really nice version of Amazing Grace at the end sung by the guy playing Elvis, and I wanted to try and write something similar that was really simple but also really nice. So I…

Coffee Shop breakdown


I was in a coffee shop earlier and when it was my turn to be served, the woman said “What would you like?” I ordered a cup of tea, but while I was waiting I started thinking about how open-ended that question was. I could’ve said anything. And I thought: what if there was someone…

Early Christmas


Every year I write an original Christmas song and this year inspiration came quite early on. We’d been talking at work about how early in the year Christmas was being promoted and this year it was ridiculous, with shops like M&S stocking Christmas things in August! I’d been listening to Queen a lot, so I…

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