I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs



I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs

Absolutely Average


There were a lot of love songs on the playlist at work today, and it got me thinking: there’s all these songs with people singing how amazing and beautiful their loved ones are, but what about the people who think their partners are just… meh? So I wrote this little song on the way home.

Spoken Word Instrumentals


I collaborated with my good friend Mike to create an album of ‘spoken word instrumentals’. I composed the music, he wrote the words.

Pick No More


I was watching Legends Of Tomorrow and there was an episode where they have to save Elvis Presley. There was a really nice version of Amazing Grace at the end sung by the guy playing Elvis, and I wanted to try and write something similar that was really simple but also really nice. So I…

Coffee Shop breakdown


I was in a coffee shop earlier and when it was my turn to be served, the woman said “What would you like?” I ordered a cup of tea, but while I was waiting I started thinking about how open-ended that question was. I could’ve said anything. And I thought: what if there was someone…

Early Christmas


Every year I write an original Christmas song and this year inspiration came quite early on. We’d been talking at work about how early in the year Christmas was being promoted and this year it was ridiculous, with shops like M&S stocking Christmas things in August! I’d been listening to Queen a lot, so I…

Miserable Christmastime (parody)


Every year I write a Christmas themed parody and this year’s song was one that I’d come up with a couple of years ago but never got round to doing anything with. I had so much fun filming the video with Mike, Laura and Shannon. We had a rough storyboard, but quite a bit of…

Hey There DPD (parody)


I’ve had a nightmare few days thanks to DPD. I upgraded my iPhone over the phone the other day and they said they’d send it out via post. I got a text from them saying it would be delivered Friday, so I worked from home that day. Then on Friday I got a text saying…

Dead Good Band


A while ago, I told my friend Laura I wanted to be buried with my ukulele in case I got bored when I died. She said she’d make sure she was buried with her guitar near me so we could jam. Thus the Dead Good Band was born. This is my attempt at a halloween…

Sleazy (parody)


A parody of Easy by Lionel Richie.

Under the Floorboards (parody)


A fun/disturbing little parody of the Drifters classic Under the Boardwalk.

Humming a Song


I originally wrote this song on the ukulele, but having recently bought a guitar, I thought I’d try and arrange it for guitar to get a bit of a fuller sound. The song is about those times when you get a song stuck in your head and you haven’t a clue who what it’s called,…

Superstitious Song


I’m not superstitious and, touch wood, I never will be. But I find superstitions interesting. How people change their behaviour based on irrational beliefs. I wanted to write a song around the theme, so I decided to write a song about someone who experiences loads of these superstitions all at once.