I enjoy writing stories that are often quite silly and don't always make a lot of sense



I enjoy writing stories that are often quite silly and don't always make a lot of sense

four eyes

Four Eyes

My first work of fiction.

Fred Chuff was born with four eyes. He's spent most of his life as a subject of ridicule, but when he decides to join the circus, he finds his true calling, makes some new friends and discovers a terrible secret about the circus.

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The Missing L


It was a cold and wet afternoon and the howling winds echoed through the corridors of Ne’ermore Castle. Meanwhile, in Lichfield (where this story takes place) the sun was shining bright and there was not a single cloud in the sky. In one particular garden, a frog was standing, admiring a snow-frog he had just…

Peter File’s Peter File


Contrary to popular belief, the phrase ‘contrary to popular belief’ is believed to be popular among those who believe the contrary to popular beliefs. One of those uneducated free spirits is Peter File. Contrary to popular belief, he actually quite liked his name. Yes, whenever an American introduced him it sounded like they were calling…

The Poshmen


“Would you like that boiled or fried sir?” she asked in her pretty Irish accent. “Both.” he said, in his dull Birmingham tone. “I’m sorry,” she apologised, “Do you mean one boiled and one fried?” “No. I mean one egg boiled and fried at the same time.” he replied. Sir Ian Poshman of Sutton Coldfield…

The Worm Wrangler


In the distance, he heard a woman scream. That was his cue. He finished his cup of tea and, leaving the biscuits uneaten, donned his horse and mounted his stetson (may have been the other way round). He rode across to where the cry had come from, and heroically smashed through a glass window to…

Twilly’s Glasses


It was a warm August morning. The sun was singing and the birds were shining, when inside a little house in Sunshine Village, a girl called Twilly was just waking up. “Yawn,” she yawned as she rose from her slumber. As she opened her eyes, she saw a blurry room with a fuzzy wardrobe and…

Unwin’s Orange


On the shelf it sat for days, just being an orange. Not a care in the world and no feelings of sorrow or joy. So there it sat, in between the apple and the melon. Until one day, a man called Unwin entered the shop with a clear craving for a particular citrus fruit. As…

Who are you?


“What do you mean, who am I?” Helen said in a ferocious tone. “You know full well who I am. I’m your mother. The woman who gave birth to you. The woman who carried you in her stomach like an ulcer for 9 months. I even slept with your father to do it, and god…

The Went Remote


Eddie Went lived alone. He preferred it that way. People just get in the way, he thought, and try to take control of the television remote. He was very precious with his remote control, believing it to be a source of great power in that it could simultaneously show him Star Trek and get rid…

The Actress


​She was just an actress. He knew that, but his brain thought differently. From the first time he’d seen her character on the popular television soap opera – which he believed was a reality television programme – he was smitten. Her nasal tones and screechy laugh made him feel all giddy inside. Her lines, though…

Miranda Pint


The beer was cold and so was she. Jeremy Bo sat at the bar, gazing lustfully at the barmaid who was cleaning a glass and waiting for her next customer. She wasn’t a pretty girl, not by any stretch of the imagination, but for reasons unknown to him, he could not take his eyes off…

The Party Poopers


The party was almost over, but the guests didn’t know this at the time. One did. One particular guest had decided that now would be a good time for the party to end. He was not alone in his thoughts, but he knew that only he would take any kind of action. Marty Binge sat, by himself,…

The Fish Dish


The water was too cold. Everybody thought so, but nobody dared mention it. So the chef continued to wait for the lobster to boil in lukewarm water. It was his first day in the kitchens of The Fish Dish, a small restaurant with no Michelin stars located in a busy part of London. Although it…