Sutton girls and semtex

I was in Sutton and heading home from the park. I stopped off in a shop to buy some water, chocolate and giant Jammy dodgers. It was a large, open plan shop, dimly lit shop with only one girl working there. She was a polite girl, quite well spoken, with long brown hair. I put my stuff on the counter and she walked around the shop, opening the various cupboard doors on the wall to reveal stationery and other random objects for sale. I thought it was a bit odd to put things on display inside a cupboard with a wooden door.

She asked if I’d fill out a survey on how I’d found the shop and I agreed. I told her how Goodwin and I used to get lost in Sutton Park and one day found this shop and came in to buy a drink.

She asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no. She said that was good. I asked why and she said she liked me. I said I liked her. We agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It was weird, it was quite forward, but at the same time quite formal, like it was a business proposition.

Later we went to some event and told a few people we were dating. At this point she’d turned Latino with darker skin. She still looked nice, but it wasn’t how I remembered her. I kept closing my eyes and trying to remember how she looked and sounded so I could change her back, but it didn’t work.

We went to get a train somewhere. The station platform was quite interesting. The train would come in and if it was going to Halesowen, the barrier (end bit of the track) would lift up and the train would carry on under it and round a corner. Our train came and it was carrying a woman’s deceased husband. I realised there were a lot of people dressed in black all all stood waiting respectfully. As the train arrived, everyone started singing the Monty python theme. I got on the train and stood by my new girlfriend.

We went home and she came inside. I’d now managed to change her into more how she was before – she was now well spoken, white and had long black hair (she looked a bit like Dodie) but she still wasn’t the same. I had a few little parcels and letters on the hallway carpet. The girl carried on in and fussed Zeta while I opened a letter which was off Mike.

She later asked if she could come tomorrow (Tuesday) and I said no because Max and Halle were coming. We then went upstairs and started writing songs on the ukulele and making some music videos.

There was also a bit in the dream where we were in the kitchen and the microwave kept making a little flashing spark every minute or so. I was cooking something in the oven, but when it had finished I went and told mom and told her to stay back. Lee came round and fixed it later.

A Russian crime lord and his henchman came to my house to test a bomb he’d made with a new brand of semtex (a material used in bomb making – no idea how I knew that) that he’d put it in mom’s bedroom. I text mother and mike to go into the kitchen and it was important, but I’d explain why later.

We didn’t know how long it would take for it to go off, but after about 10 minutes, the guy’s henchman – also Russian – went in and checked it. It hadn’t worked, so he reset it. Again, I text mother and Mike (who I thought might be there).

The bomb went off but it was only a small poof. I went down to check on mother and found she was in the living room and Mike had gone home. I had a go at her for staying in the living room when I’d told her to get out, but she just kept wandering around being silly. I shouted at her to stop and explained how serious it was. She apologised and I went back upstairs.

The Russian was checking the aftermath of the bomb, so I went into the spare room. The henchman pointed his gun at me, but I managed to get it off him and chuck it to the Russian who destroyed it. The henchman came at me with a toy version of the Thirteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, so I used my toy of the Tenth Doctor’s sonic to stop him. I pushed him and hit his head off the piano stool, knocking him unconscious briefly.

I went into mom’s room and thanked the Russian crime lord for not killing me, especially after I’d called him stupid at least 4 times. We found the henchman trying to detonate another small bit of semtex, so we stopped him and I took him outside and threw him in the mud.