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The Shark Play

Had a dream that I can’t remember, so here’s the notes: ​ We’re at school production of a play about sharks Josh plays the lead Patch Adams type character who gets quiet kids involved Like forming a conga line Football game and quiet We talk with teachers Meanwhile We buy a giant dog (like Clifford)…

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Duct Tape

Had a dream last night that I can’t remember. The notes didn’t really help much, but here they are: ​ In work Animation Guy working with us Visit a school Library Showing Jamie photos of me and Goodwin Outside Ccw wrestlers fighting for real One in fountain Mak delivegan School Danny Campbell and mr Henderson…

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Big Wavy Bridge

Had a dream last night but I can’t remember anything of it, so here’s the notes: ​ Grandad Coppers Lost Big wavy bridge Client buys me mic

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Yellow Baymax

Had a dream last night, but the only thing I remember of it was this one note that I made: ​ Yellow Baymax throwing things

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Immeasurable desire

Had a dream last night that I no longer remember. The title of it that I’d noted was ‘Dream – batteries’, but batteries are not mentioned at all in the notes, so that’s confused even me. Anyway, here are the notes: Immeasurable desire Diuck on the roof sunglasses DWM Comic shop “who needs that much…

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Lucy bends over 18 18

Had another dream with notes that baffled me in the morning: ​ “Can’t go out like this, no shoes.” review 16 17. Lucy bends over 18 18 Dentist Live bit at the end Woke up and noted it Eric Morecambe

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Locked In

I had a dream last night, but the only note I made on it was this: Lee locked me inside house I’ve no idea whose house it was or why he did it. Still, it does sound like something he would do.

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