The Best Envelope Ever!

Had to go to the hospital this morning. I’m not dying or anything, just had to pick up my new insoles. The appointment was at 9:40 but For some stupid reason I followed mother’s advice and got the taxi at 8:50 so I ended up there half an hour early. I queued up at reception even though I knew where to go, just to kill some time y’know. There was an old woman volunteer helping people in the queue. She got to me so I handed her my letter which was folded in 3 to show just the details, but she opened it all up and read the details, which seemed a bit nosey. Then she told me I had to sign in at the reception where I was queueing, which was bollocks because I knew I didn’t have to. I mean it’s nice of her to try to help, but she’s giving people wrong information! I carried on to the reception and the guy directed me to what he called ‘the orthodonitcs department’ … a bit worrying considering an orthodontist is for teeth. Again, someone who’s clearly not qualified to work there. I did eventually get to the right place and got my new insoles. So then I carried on to work.

I was feeling pretty down this morning, what with the waiting around at the hospital, still feeling tired and the miserable weather, but a couple of things cheered me up. The first was a letter. I’d borrowed my colleague Laura series 8 of Doctor Who and she returned it in the same envelope I sent it in. When I sent it to her, I wrote a whole paragraph on the back of the envelope for a bit of fun – I can never send a letter without doing something silly with it – and she sent it back in the same envelope with a similar paragraph written on it which made me smile. Here is said letter:

The Best Envelope Ever

So this will now officially go down in history as the best envelope ever, not least because it also contained a Doctor Who DVD and has two lots of selotape on it.

I then got an email from saying the Molotov Jukebox album Demos & Rarities (which you get only if you pledge… which I did) was available to download, so now I’ve got that to listen to this afternoon and I’m still on a high from their concert the other night, so perfect timing.

So with all the excitement, I had to go to the toilet for a number 2. When I got in there though, there was a guy in the cubicle having a wee. It really annoyed me, cos I had to then stand at the urinal pretending to have a wee. So in the toilet was a guy in the cubicle who didn’t want a poo and a guy at the urinal who didn’t want a wee. Makes no sense. Eventually he finished and I went into the cubicle, which is now where I am currently sitting writing this. I’d better go now though, Mak’s probably wondering where I am!

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