The bombs

I was on a field trip with school or college.

We heard on the news that a bomb had been dropped on London. More bombs were then dropped all around England. We saw ahead a bomb dropped and formed a mushroom cloud. It knocked over several rows of houses like toys. We were on a coach and feared for our lives.

We stopped off at a museum where they were having a convention. I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue was being recorded there and I could her Graeme Garden. I wanted to meet him but didn’t get chance.

There were also a couple of Doctor Who actors there, one being Sylvester McCoy. I had my 7th Doctor umbrella with me so I showed it to him and he got quite excited. We chatted for a while and then he took me into a room where they were displaying old props and showed me some hats. They were all hidden inside each other, getting progressively smaller like a Russian doll. We then went back into the convention room and someone asked who my favourite doctor was. I said Matt Smith or Tom Baker. Baker was there and seemed surprised and McCoy joked about being offended. As I left, he thanked me for brightening his day and I thanked him for getting me into Classic Doctor Who.

There was also a buffet there that had just opened, so I helped myself to a warm slice of chicken pie (it looked more like a rectangular scotch egg) and a few other bits. We sat and waited, figuring out what to do next. The teacher asked if we had any suggestions what to do and I started to say “I spy with my little eye” and a girl said it at exactly the same time, which everyone found funny.

Back outside, we were still at threat from bombs. I was in my pyjamas and someone had my shoes. I got them on and the teacher said we’d have to go through a mix of light and dark, walking through tunnels and trees.

There was also another dream at some point where I’d been shown a crime drama experience (a bit like an escape room with clues and such) and then I was in it. I remembered that as I walked to the building, I’d be able to see the robbers going into the glasses shop next door and the killer with a beard who entered and turned once giving me a glance of him. Then I would be able to speak to my friend Josh, but he was busy setting up a date and would only ever respond with “yes” or a couple of other phrases. There were other people and some more to it, but I can’t remember it now.