The karate bully

Had a dream last night in which I was at karate. There were two kids, a little younger than me, who were bullying all the little kids. One of them was a big, beefy guy, the other was a thinner, shorter guy with black hair. I was fed up of seeing them picking on the kids, so when it came to sparring, I picked the guy with black hair. I didn’t think I could beat up the bigger guy and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could even beat this guy up, but I was wiling to give it a go.

And I beat the crap out of him!

I dodged all his attacks and I punched and kicked him until he was on the floor begging me to stop. I did stop and told him to stop bullying others, or I’d make him stop.

I was rather pleased that I won.

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