The marketing campaigns

Girl in class wanted to become popular.

A small group of us brainstorm ideas. I came up with an idea to do a poster with a watch saying “time is running out” and a message. She liked it and did it.

I came up with another idea of a bag of crisps with just a plug on the front. I tried it on a magazine cover in a waiting room downstairs. A woman saw it and said she was going to go to the gym because of it. An old man saw me with the magazine and chuckled.

On the way back up, I saw the girl teaching a dance to a few people (including Mel C and another spice girl). I wanted to join in learning it to support her, but there were only girls learning, so I decided not to.

I went back up and told the girl. She didn’t seem that impressed, but liked that it got action. I told her she could now tackle serious issues.

She then started doing a campaign about women’s parts.

I went round to the girl’s house. Her mom answered. She saw her two twin sisters outside in a car and shut the door on me. The sisters had a pink homemade gun – long and thin with transparent parts. They planned to use it on their sister. But one twin had changed her mind. I knocked it out the woman’s hands and the other twin reversed on it. We kept breaking it but it was quite hard to break. Eventually I threw it into the road. A car drove over it but it caused his car to swerve into a driveway and crash. He started shouting that loads of power rangers figures were spilling all over his car interior. I ran down and alley and along the houses to hide.