The monk of Wolverhampton

I was in Wolverhampton trying to get a taxi home from the hospital, but it didn’t recognise the hospital on the app.

I headed into town but got stuck in a shopping arcade when two people were having an argument and blocked the exits off. There was a shop in there I liked that sold doctor who stuff and games and comics and stuff.

Eventually we got out, but I found out from a friend that the army had invaded and taken a lot of people. I hid at the top of a climbing frame on a circular dish. There was hardly anyone about, but then a load of men in white camouflage suits came out rounding people up.

They mistook me for one of them and told me to come down. After a while of hesitation I did and they took me away.

There was also another part in the dream where these creepy guys who looked like the monks from Doctor Who separated me from my friend and took me off to lock me up for all the crimes I’d apparently committed. But we stopped off to watch something on TV and the monk didn’t understand something that was happening in the show, so I explained it to him and he started to get a bit emotional. I put an arm around him and he really softened and eventually let me go free.