The poisoned hospital

Had a dream that mother and I were visiting someone in a hotel. We arrived on the right floor and I saw a bunch of old people (mostly in wheelchairs) sat around in a circle.

We waited for mother’s friend and I saw a little box that contained a piano. I couldn’t help myself and played it a little, but mother stopped me and pointed out that some of the old people were shushing me. Apparently this was the quiet floor, so why they had a piano there I don’t know.

Rather than wait around, I said I’d go back down to the front and wait outside while mother met her friend. On the way down, I passed a girl who was complaining about something. When I got to the bottom floor, I saw that they were stopping people and only letting them leave one at a time. Apparently the bottom floor had been subjected to some kind of poison and they were checking everyone to see if they’d been poisoned. Luckily, I’d come down the stairs, so I was right by the exit and just left. I text mother and told her to come down the stairs when she was done.

We later went to a block of flats where we met up with a guy called Alistair (who was recently fired from where I work in real life). We had a chat with him and then made our excuses to leave. On the way out, he gave me and mother £6 each. I didn’t want to except it and managed to give him £3 back.

Later, I was at karate and there was a kid bullying me. He grabbed my left arm from behind and I managed to swing around and stick his arm up behind his back. Meanwhile, the instructor was showing everyone a technique and someone asked if they were meant to hit with the palm of their hand or other side. The instructor tried both and couldn’t work out which it was.

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