The purple infinity stone

Mike had been given the power of people doing what he wanted
As he walked down the road, people would move out his way
I could get away with not doing stuff cos I was his best friend

Mike and I visited Laura and Shannon
Lots of her family was there
Mike rode in on a scooter into the room and Laura’s brother jumped out of the way
We told Laura’s brother about mike’s power but said not to tell Laura because she already had too many secrets to keep

We had no lift back home
Wanted to get to the train station so we could get a train
We googled local taxis but it was all individuals, no companies

I had a purple infinity stone, which when opened would print something
I managed to open it and download the software online for the printer
The printer ran out of colour ink
Mother said there was some in the cupboard in her room in a gift box that wasn’t decorated
I went and looked but couldn’t find it
She came up and showed me it was in a different cupboard

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