The small bunny

I was with someone and we were looking after an animal in a room. We then left and she wanted to stop in another room to see another animal. The sign on the door said something like “small bunny”. We went in and this giant white rabbit was draped over a man’s lap. I turned to two women who were sat on a sofa and said “Well that name’s a bit misleading.” I then realised it was a dog.

At another point, mom, Lee and I were watching an episode of the Simpsons. I recognised one of the voices and wanted to look it up. After a bit of a struggle typing in names and things from the episode, I found it. Rich Carrick. I went to tell Lee and he was in the bath, so I inched the door open to tell him. He shouted at me to close it and I said I wasn’t planning to go in, I was just opening it a bit so he could hear. He told me to close it so I did and muttered the name and said “Hope you heard that.”

Meanwhile, mom was in the kitchen having a meeting with a woman. Lee then opened the door and was butt naked. I quickly threw him a towel and tried to shut the door, but he kept it open and walked out into the kitchen naked. The woman didn’t seem to mind though. She called Lee over and they started doing sexual acts casually while she continued to speak to mom. Then mom started to strip off and join in. I was stunned and wondered if they were doing it to shock me. Then I remembered it was a dream and just shrugged it off.

Later, I was in the garden with a big group of family and friends. My nephew Max was trying to tell someone something, but had to shout to be heard. I told him it’d be easier to come over to who he wanted to speak to and speak to them there.

It was mom’s birthday, so we gave her presents. My Nan gave her a fishnet bodysuit that she’d bought her. Mom thought it was horrible (and rightly so) and refused it. Nan said it was only a joke and pulled out her real present – a grey cardigan. Mom eyed it up and didn’t dislike it that much. But then I realised something and said “Isn’t that your cardigan that you came here in?” Nan admitted it was and we all laughed, but mom was a bit hysterical, because she was also pissed off. She leaned in and said “Thanks, you big bitch” and sat back.

Later I was with mom and we went to an observation tower at some attraction. You had to climb a spiral staircase and slide through a really tight slit to get into it, which is didn’t like as I feared we’d get stuck.

Finally I was with a group from college and we were arranging a party. I’d helped set the colour scheme to blue and a mustard yellow. We got onto the topic of outfits and I suggested it would be good if we could all wear something with blue in. Someone questioned if it needed to be a specific shade of blue, so I pointed out the colours on some cushions. The teacher liked this idea and said we should all go together and get matching outfits. I said that was too much, but he was very keen on that idea now.