The suicide jumper

The dream started with me and mom out shopping. We went back to our hotel room to get changed and I realised I kept forgetting to charge my phone. I put it on charge and got ready to go out.

There was also a bit where I put two bags of recycling rubbish out and had a chat with the neighbour about how my brother had done an “amazing” job laying our decking.

Later, I was with Mike at an outdoor show of some sort. I was discussing with him how we could record a mashup of Candle In The Wind and Don’t Stop Me Now for our friend Laura’s birthday. I’d planned it out that we’d start backstage and finish up outside where everyone would sing. There would be guest singers, but since Elton was dead – I touched one of his blazers that was hanging up – we’d use a recording of his part.

As we were going down the stairs on the outdoor seating platform, a guy pushed past me. He ran down, then ran back up the other side and hurled himself off the edge. It was a long drop and he landed, bouncing off a railing and landing on his head. It should’ve killed him, but he got up. There was a bit cut across his forehead that was bleeding. He ran around, as if looking for something, shouting how he was crazy and nobody had listened to him.

I ran to Mike and a guy from school called Dennis, telling them I’d seen more death this week than I ever had – I’d seen a few deaths, which may have been alluding to yesterday’s dream. Dennis pointed out the guy was probably looking for a bomb since his original plan hadn’t worked.

We made a run for it and I debated whether to stop and tell everyone about the potential bomb over the microphone tannoy.

I woke up before I could find out what happened with the man.

In the next dream I was back in school, in sixth form as I had my own clothes on. The bell went and we had to go to class, but I couldn’t remember what class I had. It was after one of the short holidays and I’d lost my timetable, so I didn’t know where I needed to go.

As I wandered around the school, I saw a few old teachers had returned. Mr Gifford the Spanish teacher was there with his new baby, and Miss Burkel the French teacher was there and had grey hair. I said hello to Mr Gifford, even though I wasn’t entirely sure it was him.

I went to reception to ask them to print me a copy of my timetable (which I believe they’d done in another dream before) and the woman said I had to pay £60 as a donation to the school’s charity in order to get a copy of it. I said that was ridiculous and left.

I went round to each classroom checking if I recognised anyone. At one, a girl called Maria called me in. I went in and asked what class it was. The teacher said “It shouldn’t be too hard to remember, it’s only 2 letters.” Maria said it was RE and I instantly span round and pretended to fiddle with the lock on the door going “Nope! Definitely not my class! Quick, get me outta here!” Which got a laugh.

I left and had a wander round, but before long it got to 11:30 and the bell went again, so I’d missed whatever class it was. I saw my friend Joseph going up the escalator and tried to chat with him, but he was in a bad mood. As we got to the top, someone’s coat got caught in the mechanism. I pulled it out and asked someone next to me if they knew who it belonged to. They just took it, sized it up and put it on.