Twilly’s Glasses

It was a warm August morning. The sun was singing and the birds were shining, when inside a little house in Sunshine Village, a girl called Twilly was just waking up. “Yawn,” she yawned as she rose from her slumber. As she opened her eyes, she saw a blurry room with a fuzzy wardrobe and wishy woshy curtains. “Better put on my glasses.” she said, as she did every morning. But to her dismay, her glasses were not on her bedside table where they usually were. “That’s odd,” she thought “Where can they be?”

As she fell out of bed, she stumbled and fumbled her way around the room trying to locate her glasses. “Where the heck are my specs.” she rhymed. After several minutes she still had not found them, and so gave up looking. “I’ll find them after breakfast.” she reasoned. She fell downstairs and into the kitchen, where she poured milk on the counter next to the bowl of cereals and ate said cereals with a knife in place of a spoon.

After a rather painful breakfast, Twilly returned to her bedroom to continue her search. Many unsuccessful hours later, she started to think about where she had previously had them. “I don’t remember having them before bed. Maybe I left them at Filbert’s house.”

So she headed over to see Filbert, with whom she had enjoyed supper with the night before. On the way she met Unwin, the foreign postman. “Hello Twilly,” he said “What’s wrong with you today?”. She told him how she had lost her glasses and was going to see Filbert to ask if he knew where they were. “Well, I hope you find them.” he said as he carried on walking. “Sigh, me too.” Twilly sighed.

When she arrived at Filbert’s house she knocked on the door three times, as was her tendency. Filbert answered and was very happy to see Twilly. “Hello Twilly.” he greeted joyously.
“Hello Filbert, I need your help.” she replied.
“Oh no, your cat’s not stuck in the toilet again is he?” he asked.
“No no, this is more serious. I’ve lost my glasses and I can’t find them anywhere because I’ve lost them. Did I leave them here last night?” she asked.
“I don’t think so, but you’re welcome to look.” He said, as he invited her in. Twilly and Filbert searched the house but again she could not find them. “Well, thank you anyway Filbert. I think I’ll go see Appelina, she might have a spare pair she can lend me.” said Tilly, as she left for Appelina’s house.

On the way, she bumped into a lamp post and several trees. She also bumped into Balma, who said “Watch where you’re going Twilly.”. Twilly apologised and told Balma about the missing glasses. “Well, they’re always in the last place you look.” she told Twilly.
“Of course they are,” replied Twilly, ungrateful for the poor advice, “I wouldn’t keep looking if I found them would I.” Balma stood stunned for a moment, before saying “That’s true.”

Twilly finally arrived at Appelina’s house and told her all about her glasses and seeing Filbert and Unwin and Balma. Appelina was her best friend, but she was also rather annoying. “Ah man, that’s like well sad innit.” was her reply to her friend’s misfortune. “Have you like checked your pockets an’ that?” she asked. Twilly hadn’t, but quickly did so and was astonished to find not only her glasses, but three other pairs of glasses too. “Wow!” cried Twilly as she put on the glasses “Thanks for your help Appelina. Now I can see four times as good now.”

And so Twilly skipped home in a happy trance, telling everyone she passed how glad she was that she had found her glasses.

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