Week 2 – An adorable and strange animal

This week's challenge was set and judged by Océane. We had to build an 'adorable and strange animal'. Knowing Océane loves octopuses, we both opted to build an octopus. Here were our entries:

Ben's "Octo-chef"

A happy little octopus with excellent culinary skills. She cooks up some delicious dishes for her oceanic pals.

Suzanne's "Rainpus"

The happy coloured octopus who once decided to leave the ocean to travel the world. She put on some shoes and went her merry way!

Océane's verdict

Octo-chef is very cute ! But I think the Rainboctopus is adorable and strange so I prefer Rainboctopus
With some wing and more dark he look likes Chtullu 😂
Sorry Ben, Suzanne win 🎉🍻